How To Data Recovery From A Damaged Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is practically an extension of ourselves and we store all the important things in it: our messages, notes, work, photographs, entries… But your mobile may suffer an accident and you lose everything on it. Surely it has ever happened to you and you want to recover your files and Data Recovery. Today we tell you how to recover data from a damaged mobile.

If your phone breaks, you will want to have all your Data Recovery back, be it photos, videos, files or anything else you can think of. We always recommend that you make backup copies in the cloud because 20% of the mobile devices that we use daily suffer an irreparable accident in which all the information is lost. 

Using services in the cloud you can have your important photos and videos safe and if your mobile breaks, you can recover them all. Services like Dropbox or Google Drive not only allow you to store your data in the cloud but also have the possibility of activating automatic synchronization so that you are not always waiting to upload your files.

You can also make backup copies on WhatsApp, as we explained to you just a few months ago and that will allow you not to lose your conversations even if your mobile phone breaks.

In the event of an accident we lose numbers, documents, messages, videos, data, photos… If you want to recover everything, at Phone House you can now get hold of the data of your damaged mobile in up to 95% of cases, whatever the accident have suffered.

You can contract the service at the time you buy a new phone and thus avoid later disappointments, but you can also recover your Twitter data if you have not contracted this service, once the catastrophe has already happened. You can take your mobile phone to any Phone House point even if you did not buy the mobile phone in that store and whatever the cause of the damage. You can contract the service on an annual or biannual basis once one of the technical specialists has assessed your mobile phone.