Review of the Best Windows Data Recovery Software

Data recovery has never been so easy! However, if you ever face any data loss issue or mistakenly delete or lose your data.

You can easily recover your data with third party data recovery software that is specially designed and developed to make users could easily and efficiently recover data. .

data recovery software

Although most people use the Windows operating system, The demand for data recovery software has grown significantly. Seeing this as an opportunity, stakeholders .

The entire data recovery industry started developing software. Out of all these data recovery software, very few stand out in the market, allowing users to recover users’ data really easily and efficiently.

To help you find the right one and the best one, we have listed the best data recovery software in this market for you:

iBoysoft Data Recovery

  • iBoysoft Data Recovery is one of the best software that allows users to recover their data without any hassle. The reason iBoysoft data recovery software is .
  • The best is because you can use this software to recover deleted files from empty recycle bin and lost files from damaged or formatted hard drives, SD cards and any other storage devices .
  • With high probability of success. Besides, iBoysoft Data Recovery is your best choice for PC data recovery program in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista. It also works well with the latest version of Windows 11.
  • In addition, this data recovery software offers the best interface that allows users to operate. Users can run the iBoysoft data recovery program without any prior knowledge because you can just go ahead and recover

The data you want. And also this data recovery software helps users recover data from BitLocker encrypted drives as well as RAW partitions.

 Other than that, this software offers a trial version so that you can experience the program first. The downside of this program is that it does not offer live chat, but users can contact their technical support via email.

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 Disk Drill

This is another data recovery program that allows Windows users to recover data. What makes Disk Drill stand out is that it offers .

A fairly wide range of features and multiple versions. 

Meanwhile, it is also capable of recovering data from a variety of storage media, including HDD, SSD, USB flash drives and SD/CF cards.

Moreover, Disk Drill software boasts that any type of lost data file can be recovered from almost any data loss scenario you can think of. However.

The price of switching to Pro may disappoint you in the end, but you will also find options that suit your needs. Another downside is that it can only recover up to 500MB of free data.

EaseUS Data Recovery

Another data recovery software is the EaseUS data recovery software, which has the same data recovery options as other software. As a leading company in this industry, it certainly has its own distinctive features. 

You can run Eases Data Recovery Wizard Pro quickly enough after an accident that it will be able to recover files from accidentally deleted partitions to files damaged by viruses.

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